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Even though Russia is not generally a much-discussed study-abroad destination despite having world’s recognized universities, this country is a highly-developed and highly-industrialized country in the world. Economically the Russian nation with half of its population having university degrees is known for its researchers who have worked excellently in fields of science and technology.

Why Study in Russia?

Every year thousands of scholarships are granted to foreign students. Some categories of international citizens can also apply for state-funded places. The winners of University Academic Competitions are also offered special bounties while enrolling at leading Russian universities.

More than 200,000 people from 168 countries come to study at Russian universities. You have a top-class degree recognized worldwide. You have a diverse range of study opportunities.

Universities in Russia offer scholarships to eligible students based on their academic capabilities. Russia is basically that study abroad destination which puts education quality above all and the tuition fees of universities are not expensive considering their global rankings.

The cost of studying at Russian universities in full-time Bachelor’s Degree Programmes started from 63,000 rubles (1,100 US dollars) per year depending upon the subject. The maximum tuition fee went as high as 344,000 rubles (6,100 US dollars) per year.

Course Levels: Scholarships are available for bachelor, masters, postgraduate and postgraduate medical studies (internship, clinical residency).

Study Subject: Scholarships are offered in diverse fields to help students in upgrading their education.

Award of Scholarships: To avail yourself of the 500 available Russian scholarships, you can choose a university from amongst the 500 Russian universities. International students get up to 80 per cent subsidy on college/university education at Russian universities from the Government of Russia, making it affordable (the average cost of an academic year, including accommodation is 2500-4000 USD).

Eligibility: Applications for study on a foundation course are accepted from 1st March until 1st October. Classes start from 20th September (subject to there being enough students to start a group). It is recommended that students arrive not later than 15th November for study on foundation courses.

  • Applications for study on main courses (first and subsequent years) are accepted from 1st March until 15th August of each year for passport-holders of visa-free countries and from 1st March until 15th July for passport holders of countries requiring a visa.

Russian Student Visa Requirement for Pakistani Students in 2022

If granted admission, you will be asked to submit fee after your university sends you the Invitation Letter. You will visit the Russian Embassy or Consulate nearest to your area to get your visa application processed. The Russian student visa requirements are different for each country but generally the following documents are required:

  1. Completed visa application form,
  2. Passport,
  3. Photographs,
  4. A Letter of Invitation from an accredited Russian institution,
  5. Medical Examination Certificate,
  6. Proof of Finances,
  7. Paid Return Air Ticket,
  8. The documents must be verified and translated in the Russian language by a certified translator,
  9. The Russian Student Visa will take about five weeks for processing and approval,
  10. The Student Visa you receive will be valid for three months initially,
  11. You will get it extended on a yearly basis according to the duration of your study programme.

The Covid-19 update:

After showing two corona negative test results, an international student can enter Russia on a valid Study Visa issued by the Russian Embassy or Consulate.

Five prestigious Russian universities offer International Scholarships 2022:

  • Saint Petersburg Electro Technical University
  • Far Eastern Federal University
  • Bashkir State Medical University
  • National Research Nuclear University
  • ITMO National Research University

Language requirement: Candidates choosing training in English must have an interview to check their language competency upon arrival. Irrespective of the medium of instruction, a Russian language course is an integral and important part of the curriculum. Knowledge of the Russian language is however essential for international students for everyday communication in and outside the university.

Subjects of Study: You have a wide range of available subjects with affordable living expenses.

Compared to the previous year’s 11 subject areas, there are 14 subjects available for both Masters and a PhD degree in 2022.

They are as follow:

  1. Clinical Medicine & Public Health
  2. Earth Sciences
  3. Education
  4. Psychology
  5. Economics
  6. Biology & Biotechnology
  7. Neuroscience & Psychology
  8. Physical Sciences
  9. Chemistry & Materials Science
  10. Economics & Econometrics
  11. Computer and Data Science
  12. Mathematical and Artificial Intelligence
  13. Business and Management
  14. Political and International Studies
  15. Linguistic and Modern Languages
  16. Engineering and Technology

The Open-Door Russia Scholarship Benefits

Eligibility Criteria: What is included in the Russian Government Scholarship?

  • The Application Criteria for the Open-Door Russia Scholarship is so simple and easy with a few specifications that you need to keep in mind;
  • There is NO Tuition Fee and the educational expenses are taken care of by the Government of Russia;
  • Winning the university-organized competition you can enter the Masters or a PhD programme without taking an entrance examination;
  • Language is not an issue as you can take the course both in English as well as Russian;
  • You will be given stipend as well;
  • Having a Bachelor’s degree or completing a Bachelor degree programme;
  • You can apply for the competition if you are a foreigner.

Part Time Working Permission:

In Russia, international students can get a Work Permit for doing part-time jobs. The students must enrol themselves for the full-time study programme at some accredited institution. The application for a Work Permit is processed in 10 working days at the General Administration for Migration’s regional office.

You will submit following documents for work permit for doing part time jobs in Russia:

  1. Passport
  2. Migration Card
  3. Employment Contract
  4. Medical Examination Certificate
  5. A Letter of Confirmation from Your University in Russia (proving you are enrolled in a full time study programme)
  6. A fee of 3,500 roubles is charged for work permit

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