Australia is one of the foremost beautiful countries in the world.

Situated between the Pacific Ocean Ocean and also the Indian Ocean, it’s also the 6th largest country with Indonesia, Papua island, New Zealand and Vanuatu as its neighbours.

About 47 per cent of Australians were born in another country, or one among their parents migrated from another country. So Australia became a multi-cultural and multi-language country. There are almost 260 languages including Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Vietnamese spoken in Australia.

The total population of Australia is simply 24.6 million. Interestingly, there are over 40 scores of kangaroos in Australia. this can be over the full population of Australia, and there are more sheep than kangaroos about 140 million of them. That’s why Australia is worldwide famous for its wool quality.

Opportunities for international students:

Australia ranks in concert of the simplest countries within the world to check and live by international comparisons of wealth, education, health and quality of life.

Education system of Australia is one amongst the simplest within the world. And it makes Australia the third highest international student destination within the world after the uk and therefore the us. Seven universities of Australia are included among the highest 100 universities of the planet. The over 11,000 institutions in Australia offer over 22,000 study courses to both local and international students.

Admission requirements for undergraduate programmes:

Most of the upper institutions offer bachelor’s degree programme or undergraduate degree programme in many study fields. Normally a bachelor’s degree consists of three years with six semesters. However, an honours takes four years with eight semesters.

Admission requirements for postgraduate programmes:

Almost every university of Australia offers a master’s degree programme or a postgraduate degree programme in many study fields. The master’s degree programme consists of 1 to 2 years with two to four semesters in step with the course.


Pakistani students are required to induce Student Visa to review in Australia. the scholar Visa for Australia time interval is approximately four weeks to process.

Main steps to require for the Australian student visa:

If you’re a student from Pakistan, you’ll need the scholar Visa (Subclass 500) to check in Australia. This visa is specifically for college kids such as you who are able to begin their study abroad adventure in Australia. understand the most effective information about the method of getting the scholar Visa (subclass 500) to make your mind up if studying abroad in Australia is true for you.

 What documents are going to be required?

When you apply for visa, one amongst the foremost important belongings you must prove is that you simply can support yourself during your study programme. For Australia, they require you to prove that you just can cover the living costs during your entire study duration plus the price of the tutoring fees you’ll be able to pay 21,830 AUD/year either from an external source, or already in your checking account.

What are popular subjects to check in Australia?

Wondering what to check in Australia? Universities in Australia offer opportunities for college students to pursue whatever subjects they want to, but the Australian universities are especially well-known for some, specific subjects and research projects.

 Students can enrol for their undergraduate, graduate, or a Master’s degree programme from a wide range of subjects including:

  1. Computer Science,
  2. Business Administrations,
  3. Mathematics,
  4. Physics,
  5. Chemistry,
  6. Economics,
  7. Accounting,
  8. Agriculture,
  9. Environmental Sciences,
  10. Business and Management,
  11. Communication Studies,
  12. Dentistry and Dental Studies,
  13. Electrical Engineering,
  14. Mechanical Engineering
  15. Applied Psychology,
  16. Space Sciences,
  17. English Literature,
  18. Mass Communication,
  19. Media Studies,
  20. Performing Arts,
  21. Medicine,
  22. Biology,
  23. Clinical/Pre-Clinical & Health,
  24. Computing and Information Technology,
  25. Creative Arts,
  26. Engineering,
  27. Hospitality, Tourism and Personal Services,
  28. Water Management,
  29. Journalism,
  30. Law and Public Policy,


All international students are ready to work part-time while they study, allowing them to offset their living costs.

Australia could be a powerhouse of an economy, and a serious trade post. What does that mean for you? Jobs! Australia has an abundance of jobs. Working and studying abroad in Australia at the identical time is completely doable with a decent school/life balance. International students in Australia on a Under the choice, remuneration workers are going to be entitled to an hourly rate of $17.70, which equates to $672.70 for a 38-hour week. irrespective of what form of study you’re doing in Australia, whether you’re here for some months or some years, some research and planning will facilitate your have a secure and rewarding study experience. A bachelor’s or a master’s degree in Australia guarantees a 2-year Work Visa, while a master’s by research or a PhD degree guarantees a 3-year Work Visa.

Wages: Living in Australia are going to be a brand new experience, but there are support services in your institution yet as from other organisations to assist make adjusting to life in Australia easier. Students can exercise to 40 hours every fortnight in jobs that need only basic skills, like in grocery stores, food and beverage service, or perhaps in various roles on their respective university campuses. Now, the image of your next study destination should be quite clear in your mind. To be sure, over 600,000 international students from quite 140 countries value more highly to study in Australia annually. Between the internationally recognised qualifications, safe environment and vibrant cities, Australia has become one in every of the simplest study destinations for prospective international students. If you wish to review in Australia, you wish accurate and easy-to-use information to form the correct decision.

A moment to ponder over…

Pakistani students: Attention, please! this is often not surprising once you consider Australia has seven of the highest 100 universities within the world. Australia has five of the 30 best cities within the world for college students supported student mix, affordability, quality of life, and employer activity – all important elements for college kids when choosing the simplest study destination.

Australia has produced 15 honour laureates, and each day over 1 billion people round the world depend upon Australian discoveries and innovations including penicillin, IVF, ultrasound, Wi-Fi, the Bionic Ear, cervical cancer vaccine and recorder Flight Recorders – to form their lives, and also the lives of others, better.

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